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Snakemeat's DATs
Datafiles for your emulated music collection

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Tools and Players
Here's a nice stream player from FastElbJa.  It requires .NET 2.0 and handles many streamed formats.
ADPCM_Player_v1.44h by FastElbJa

Other VGM tools
thd2thp.rar: Convert Gamecube THH/THD (or 000/001) files to .THP movie files.

Winamp Plugins
Note: These are not written by me, just hard to find plugins I'm sharing.  Thanks to the original authors.

Bandai Wonderswan

in_wsr_binsrc_20060502 (for WSR files)

xSF Plugins (thanks to manakoAT for assembling)
xSF Plugin Pack (2009-08-07)

Format Specs
GSR Format Spec
HES FormatSpec
KSS Format Spec
KSSX Format Spec (thanks to Blargg for this one!)
MDX Format Spec
NSF Format Spec
PSF Format Spec
s98v2 Format Spec
s98v3 Format Spec
SNDH v2.0
SPC Format Spec
VGM v1.00 Format Spec
VGM v1.01 Format Spec
VGM v1.10 Format Spec
VGM v1.50 Format Spec
WSR Format Spec

Other Information
PSF Format Checksum Algorithm v 1.0

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